I have a brand new profile on Write For Me and I simply love it when you boys (and sometimes girls) complete my writing tasks.  Each time I get the confirmation email, it puts a little smile on my face.  And, yes, I do read all the comments.

Visit my profile to see all available tasks.

Side note: This activity is a wee bit different than most in that I don’t normally offer up tasks to random people.  Generally, I stick to only playing with my own dedicated boys.  However, I’m finding this to be of interest to me and, as you know, I always enjoy exploring new things.  Primarily I will be using Write For Me for three types of tasks: Private assignments given to my boys, Random assignments for the general public, and Findom related assignments that require payment or fines.

If you have a suggestion for a writing assignment you’d enjoy, please email me.

Have fun!