Tribute Now

My preferred options are in bold.

Square Cash (US issued cards only. No fees for using debit cards; small fee for credit card.)

Gift Rocket e-gift card to (Only US credit cards accepted – small fee per transaction.)

Cash (US funds only) to Miss Jean, PO Box 14252, Albany, NY  12212 (Please seal contents in a second, inner envelope with my address on it in case the outer envelope gets damaged in shipping.)

US Amazon e-gift card to

UK Amazon email gift voucher to’m more than happy to take what’s mine from boys on both sides of the pond.)

US Amazon wishlist – buy what I’ve asked for…don’t go rogue. There is a separate wishlist on Amazon in order to Love my Feet!

UK Amazon wishlist – You’ll pay more for shipping (than using the US site), but it is your call if you prefer to use this. This is also your chance to woo me with Ruby Shoo shoes and purses.

Tributes can also mean fanmail, letters, cards, poems, stories, etc.  These are best when offered in between your normal monetary tributes.  All efforts are appreciated!

Other random things I want:

Horseback riding lessons – these are $40 per lesson (send cash earmarked for this purpose).

Ballet lessons

Gym membership Gift Membership – the World Explorer option, please.  I let my subscription expire.😀