Available Positions

The following is a list of available positions for which you may apply to serve.  Please indicate on your application which one interests you.

Lucky Loser – You are lucky that I even bother to acknowledge you.  I barely notice that you exist when you tribute me and the rest of the time you shall be made to suffer my wrath.  You already know you’re worthless, you just want me to publicly confirm it day after day.

Pampering Pup (or Pig) – Your tributes will take the form of cash and gift certificates for massages and pedicures.  I need them biweekly, so be a darling and pamper your Goddess the way you know you should.  This position is best for foot fetishists not necessarily interested in a D/s relationship. Time to get your freak on drooling over my foot pics.  You are such a good little pup!

General Submissive – You are interested in a D/s relationship with the right mistress.  We will work to build trust and understanding as we grow together in pursuit of our goals.  Perfection is not required, but sincerity is.  I wish to lovingly manipulate your mind, body, and wallet.  There will be punishment, there could be pain, but there will be equal parts gentleness and understanding.  Come be the man you know you are meant to be and kneel for me.

Mouse – As my mouse, you will give up all control of your financial life.  Once trust is established, all income, debts, investments, etc will be revealed to me.  I will put you on a budget with the specific intent to pay down your debts, increase your savings, all while tributing generously to me.  This is a win-win, because as you become healthier financially, I too will benefit! As this scenario takes an enormous amount of trust, my mouse would be highly cherished and appreciated.  You will succeed in fulfilling my dream as no other before you has.

Roth Piggy – To be a Roth Piggy you need to be a true money fetishist.  I will open a Roth IRA which will be funded exclusively by your tributes and contributions.  Watch your money grow for me and provide for me much further down the road.  Aside from this narrowly-focused form of financial worship, the remainder of our relationship can evolve however we see fit.  I have no preconceived ideas of how my Roth Piggy will fit into my life.  Come squeal for me!

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