Mistress Manifesto

  1. Communication is key. We cannot have a fulfilling experience if you are lying to me (or yourself)
  2. If you are married or otherwise committed, I expect you to uphold your commitment to your wife/girlfriend/partner. If you can’t honor your committment to her, why would I expect you to honor your commitment to me? I am not here to pass judgement on how you came to be seeking kink outside of your relationship, nor am I here to break you up or be your girlfriend.
  3. I will not have sex with you. Ever.  As an online Domme, most likely we will not be meeting in the first place (exceptions made only for lengthy service). However even in my long gone real time days,  I would never have traditional sex with a submissive.
  4. My rules are not to be triffled with and disobedience will be punished. Some rules are for safety, others may be a test, and still others may have a motive of which you are unaware. I do not make decisions arbitrarily, so do not disrespect my methods.
  5. As a submissive, you are allowed to have and express your opinions, feelings, and desires. This does not mean, however, that I will follow your wishes. While I do often seek mutually enjoyable experiences, my pleasure comes from being in command and doing as I please.  Often you will be pushed, challenged, and enticed to push your boundaries and ideas further.