More FAQs will be added as they arise.

Q:  Do you do real time sessions?

A:  I am primarily an online-only Mistress.  And I hate the word “session” as I am not a pro-Domme.  This is not my business, this is my life.  I realize that having a website drags this into a seemingly business-like arrangement, but really it is just easier and far less painful than being swamped by emails from wankers and timewasters.

There is a small chance that if the stars align (right person, right time & place) that I will meet in person for some playtime.  I always say that a great many things are possible for the right one.  Cashdrops and Cashpoint meets are sometimes a possibility as well.

Q:  Why don’t you cam?

A:  I’m not a cam girl or a porn actress; I’m a lifestyle Mistress.  That part shouldn’t need any further explanation.  I don’t cam/video chat with my devotees because it simply does not fit my lifestyle.  I can IM, text, kik, etc discretely from almost anywhere, so that is what I prefer.  I am also more in tune with written vs. verbal communication.

Q:  Can I see a face pic?

A:  For now, you only get the partial images in the Gallery and on the About Miss Jean page. Strangers do not need to see my face, plus I volunteer with children, have family, co-workers, vanilla friends, etc.  Discretion and privacy is of the utmost importance to me.  Those who have served me for a lengthy period of time do know what I look like.  Remember: trust goes both ways and must be earned.

Q:  But how do I know I want to serve you, if I can’t see what you look like?

A:  If my physical appearance factors into your decision to serve or not, then we will not be compatible.  The right lady should inspire you to kneel regardless of her appearance.  Yes, heels and corsets and fake eyelashes look beautiful (and are fun), but that’s not dominance, that’s titillation.  So if you require someone beautiful that you can salivate over, there are plenty of enticing women out there who will be to your liking. Good luck to you.

Q:  So what do you look like?

A:  I’m just shy of 5’9″, wear a 9 1/2 or 10 (depending on the shoes), 40D, very pale skin, green eyes, with light brown hair (reddish hints come out in summer) past my shoulders.

Q:  Are you hwp?

A:  No, I’m not height-weight-proportionate.  I need to lose quite a few pounds.  I’m a BBW, but I tried going to a BBW event once and they almost threw me out.  Go figure!

Q:  Why don’t you tag your profiles with BBW so people know?

A: Because I bet you’ve never in your life asked a thin woman why she didn’t tag herself as SSW (Super Skinny Woman).  So fuck off.

Q:  How do I know you are real?  Can you verify?

A:  I am cam verified at findoms.com.  The process they currently use is this:  You have to post a full face pic on your website or Twitter (or you can skip that by paying $10), then you have to go on cam in the findoms chatroom so a designated verifier can see that you are the same person.  They have you hold up X number of fingers on cam.  That’s it.  After that, you are allowed to take down your face pic, use blurred images, or use body shots.  I finally broke down an did it because I understand the risks gentlemen run by engaging with unknown women.  I also did not want to give the impression that I refused to verify-that was never the case, I am just protective of my vanilla identity.

Q:  This site is new-ish and you only have XXX followers on Twitter, are you an “insta”?

A:  Haha…No.  Actually, I’m glad you are paying attention to those things, please be safe and “investigate” anyone to whom you choose to send money.  Again, I am not a pro, so a large following is not necessary.  And if I were just in it for the money, I probably would do better by offering cam sessions and pic sets.  I used to be real time only, so there was no need for a site and contacts through CL, CS/CM, Alt (a long time ago), and FL were sufficient.  The site is new because this is my most recent “project”.

Besides, instas are usually much younger.  I’m in my early 40’s.

Q:  What are your hard limits?

A:  Scat, blood, any type of permanent marking, anything illegal. And this isn’t a hard limit, but I really don’t like to watch cum eating.  A little lick or forced taste is fine, but jacking into a glass and drinking it is not my thing.  For whatever reason, it activates my gag reflex.