Three Reasons Not to Pay for It

  1. I’m a stud, a catch, the cat’s meow. I don’t need to pay for anything.  I can get whatever I want, whenever I want for free.  Only losers pay for it. *snort*

My last date?  I treated her to dinner and a movie.  I am a gentleman after all.  But that’s different…

  1. I want to know that she wants to be there. Bringing money into the situation, justWhy should I chase you when I'm the catch? sullies it.  I want someone who does it for the fun of it, not the money.

Well, sure I pay a mechanic to fix my car.  No, I’ve never asked if he would fix my car for the fun of it.  That would just be silly.

3.  The internet is a treasure trove of freebies.  If you won’t _______ for free, I’ll just find someone else who will.

Of course my job pays me a salary, bonuses, too.  I’m very good at what I do.  But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do this online.  *eyeroll*

Profile Update:

“I’ve been on this site for 6 months and it’s nothing but fakes, man.  What happened to all the real women?  If there are any REAL women out there, message me ASAP.”


One thought on “Three Reasons Not to Pay for It

  1. You have to love the ones who think THEY’RE the prize. Who is on whose website? They may not be on the hook, but they’re swimming at the bait end not the rod end …


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