Service & Sacrifice

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a kinky man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a Findomme.

Not every player and payer in the Findom community is dragging around a fat wallet.  Regardless, those with shallower pockets can get creative and find ways to sacrifice.  Quite often the sacrifice is just as enticing as the cash.  I personally adore it when a man finds ways to save his pennies just so I can enjoy more.  It says that I am worth the sacrifice.  It says that he is putting me first in his life.  That’s powerful stuff!

Here are a few ways to save so that you can funnel more funds to ME:

  • Shop generic brands.  Unless you have allergies or some other special need, the $1.00 toothpaste should work just fine.  If the taste is less than desirable, just remember: sacrifice.
  • Change your own oil.  Remember when a man’s response to a flat tire was to roll upOIL-Change-bottle his sleeves and change it rather than pulling out his cell phone to call road service?  Yeah, me too…men like this are becoming scarce.  See that circle thingy in the pic?  That’s an oil filter wrench.  Learn how to use it!  If you get a little dirty, just remember: sacrifice.
  • Brown bag it.  No more restaurants or fast food joints for you.  If you get a craving to eat out, remember: sacrifice.
  • Drinks with the guys.  Why would you even think of drinking?  This is a complete waste of MY money.  Serve as the designated driver and remember: sacrifice.

By now you should be getting the hang of this so we can go a little faster.  If you’re cash poor, but really want to show dedication and devotion to your lady, you can always: get a second job, hold a yard sale, drive for Uber, grow your own herbs and vegetables, pawn something, cash in vacation hours or sick time at work, mow lawns, cancel your cable/satellite radio/streaming services, carpool to work, clip coupons, give up coffee, skip the hot shave at the barber shop, repair rather than replace (just about anything), use generic prescriptions when possible, sell blood plasma or saliva (oh, yeah, it is really a thing!), recycle cans and bottles, babysit or pet sit, be a nude figure model at a local college or artist group, and so on and so forth.

Let’s face it, any inability to tribute on your part is just pure selfish laziness.  Every morning you should rise with a smile on your face and ask, “What can I do for Miss Jean today?”


3 thoughts on “Service & Sacrifice

  1. Miss Jean, i would like to take the time to thank you for all that You do and share, i really enjoyed Your thoughts on service and sacrifice.

    i am in a relationship like this with what I would call a female friend. She is very kind and open minded, not dominate by nature. Last year she asked to borrow money, and I, nervous and shaking, asked her if I could please give her the money and told her about financial domination.

    Long story short, I work overtime to cover at minimum $100 every other week to tribute and I take out $100 in cash for neccesities, tribute get her the rest every Saturday.

    Also being married, I can tribute this amount without family impacts. I made $50,000 dollars last year, and have not bought a Starbucks, lunch, not even as much as a candy bar from a vending machine.

    It is not what I had fantasized about, as their is no humiliation or anything of that nature. On Saturdays she asks for her money, I thank her she says your welcome and it ends for her until the next week.

    For me it is constant sacrifice and I am able to tribute about $500 per month to her.


    1. Your friend sounds like a lucky lady!

      I’m glad you found a situation that works for you to fulfill this need. As your friend is not dominant and was unaware of the concept of financial domination prior to the arrangement, does she take your efforts for granted or does she understand the magnitude of your service?


      1. Thank you for the reply Miss Jean, I do feel very fortunate that she is so open minded, but unfortunately, I don’t think she understands or to be honest cares about my constant sacrifices. I keep telling myself that my actions are selfless and remind myself that a true slave can’t ask for anything in return


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