I Find Your Offer Insulting


im begging you with all my heart

i want to go into debt for you

This is just one of the ridiculous requests I’ve gotten lately from broke or delusional boys. Each downtrodden soul weaves a grander tale of woe than the last with their accounts of underemployment, student loan balloon payments, kids in college, and wives with a death-grip on the purse strings and yet each of them still begs me to take their meager offerings. Get a grip on yourself!

Let me be very clear. If you are spending your kid’s college fund on findom, then you are a piece of shit. If you pawn your wife’s wedding ring to feed your clips addiction, then I hope she cuts your dick off. Anyone who approaches me with these ideas certainly hasn’t paid attention to what I say and how I conduct myself. Those are the acts of a spineless coward and I choose to keep better company than that.  Essentially what you are telling me is that I’m not worthy of the hard work and determination it takes to tribute responsibly.goy

“I don’t believe in debt.” That was my response to the request at the beginning of this post. I’ve said it on more than one occasion and I’m sure I’ll say it a great many more. Spending money on financial worship or financial domination is no different than paying to eat out at a restaurant or buying tickets to a concert. This is recreational spending that pleases your Domme or Mistress which in turn increases your own pleasure. However you should not be spending money you don’t actually have on findom (or anything else in life)! That is fiscally irresponsible and, as someone attracted to financial control, I will never condone this type of behavior. With that in mind, my response would have been completely different if the request had been more along the lines of, “I desperately want to serve you financially, but my finances are a mess. Will you work with me to fix it so I have the discretionary funds you deserve?” Now you’re speaking my language. Now you are entering into the world of actual financial domination (assuming you can handle revealing your income, debts, and expenditures and commit to the budget I suggest for you).

Before closing, I also want to address the psychological aspect of “rinsing” and “wallet raping”. Please don’t think that I’m prejudiced against these forms of play, because I’m not. Not knowing how much your lady will take from you or how far over the line she’ll go can be very powerful. Playing with the fear and pushing the boundaries of consensual control are heady things for your Dominatrix as well. BUT, as with all findom activities, you should be starting from a fiscally sound position. That doesn’t mean that you have to earn six figures nor have millions in the bank, it simply means that you aren’t causing irreparable harm to yourself with the amounts that you tribute. Yes, there are some Dommes and subs that see bankruptcy as the ultimate in findom, but not me. I view sacrifice as the ultimate in findom – growing your own food, getting a second job, selling that stupid boat that hasn’t seen water in 3 summers, etc. Bankruptcy is giving up and I’d much prefer a man to sacrifice in order to tribute than to simply run up a debt and then declare bankruptcy. That’s the coward’s way out and you already know I don’t associate with cowards.


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