It’s Not About You

A common theme in female domination (especially with findommes) is that everything is about the Domme.  The submissive should be focused on the Domme’s kinks, the Domme’s life, the Domme’s happiness.

Awesome.  But only to a point.

I, personally, am not the kind of Mistress who ignores her partner’s wishes and desires.  I will absolutely admit that they take a backseat to my wants and needs, but I’m not out to ignore them entirely.  This is why finding the right D/s partner is so important.  For example: I am a foot exhibitionist.  I love to show off my feet and have them complimented and pampered.  Therefore, a man with a foot fetish is a very good match for me, because while I’m doing something I enjoy, he too is benefitting in positive ways.

I may sometimes be interested in learning or trying out a kinky fetish that appears on your list, but not mine.  My tastes, interests, and attitude have all changed to some degree from my early days, so I feel it is important to remain open to new ideas and experiences.  Do not take this to mean that you can lay a list of fetishes at my feet and expect all your fantasies to be filled.

Why?  Because it is all about me.

My focus is on developing lasting relationships with service subs only.  If your heart does not beat to serve a lady and make her happy with your own denial and sacrifice, then we will have a very short-lived experience.  If “Happy wife, Happy life” is a mantra for you (rather than a snarky cut-down), then you are the type that would understand my interaction style.  I may or may not be the right Domme for you, just as you may or may not be the right submissive for me, but with a little pre-screening and the right focus and attitude from you, we should be off to a good start!


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