First Impressions

If I had a dime for every message I received that just says “Hi” or “Hello, Mistress”, I’d be dripping in diamonds by now.

Those are horrible first messages, gentlemen!

First of all, I’m a findomme so financial play is the cornerstone of my fetish world.  To catch my attention, your opening line should be, “Miss Jean, here is a tribute for $XXX.”  By giving an introductory tribute, you’ve proven yourself to Talk to menot be another timewaster.  You’ve also shown that you understand the nature of this type of fetish play and are willing to give when it is necessary or when inspired to.

Second, who the hell are you and why are you contacting me?  Another example: “I’ve been following you on Twitter and loved the picture of (insert fav here).  May I chat with you for 10 minutes to see if I may be of service to you?”  Letting me know how you came to be aware of me is always helpful.  Slipping in something I’ve done/shown/said that you enjoyed helps humanize you in my eyes and gives a brief peek at your potential interests.  Finally, a polite request for contact which demonstrates you are seeking a connection and not just looking for wank fodder.

Your very first message is the only info I have on which to decide if I will respond or not.  While I never wish to be rude, I simply cannot answer every message tossed my way.  Therefore, until you’ve made some real effort, my time is reserved for myself and my current boys.


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